This is not another "follow your dreams" posts that the internet is filled with. 

This post is about summing up passion into 3 words: Determination + Hard Work.


RTFACT Brands has been in the making since Christmas of 2015. That is if you count the idea and evolving thought process. 

It is the fruit of personal frustration with the lack of real alternative fashion that lives up to the new trends of active women on the move, all while respecting the environment, aaaand with attainable prices. We basically made it tough for ourselves setting thr bar this high.


This gave us a compass with which to navigate our idea, imagining creations and designs, asking tons of questions, reseaching, travelling across Europe and meeting experienced craftsmen and women to test out our concept.


The work we do is based on a vision, and a purpose. Empowerment through fashion. 


RTFACT Brands embraces Empowerment through:

- the designs specifically for women to go an extra mile at work with practical and beautiful handbags.

- choosing only vegan and ecological fabrics and materials such as high quality and durability cork.

- deligently sourcing high quality components and materials across Europe from ethical and fair trade sources.

- partnering with experienced artisans in Portugal to create our elaborate designs. 

- participating in global women's education programmes through the sales of each creation. 


Although RTFACT Brands has been brewing since 2 years now, our journey has just begun, and we are excited for the ride, be it smooth or bumpy! From France to the rest of the world, here we come !