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Unfortunately “vegan” is very often associated with being sustainable as well. But this is most of the times not correct. The definition of vegan is simply: “no animal products or no products from animal origin”.

It means that vegan products do not contain leather, wool, etc.



But at the same time vegan does not imply that the materials used must be environment friendly or sustainable. This is why very often you find bags from plastic or fake leather. Vegan clothes very often are made from cotton or polyester.


While in some cases vegan products are sustainable as well, as for example they are made of recycled products, very often they are not. Imagine a bag from fake leather. This contains often polyamide and cannot be recycled. So the product is vegan, but not sustainable or eco-friendly.



RTfact and all products we produce are made with an eco-conscious perspective in mind. The products should be vegan, last long, but not 1000 years neither. Means the quality must stay the time of usage, but afterwards the products can be recycled completely.


Look at our Bag Affair bags for example: Made from outside cork and inner cotton, they can be recycled entirely. Even the wooden handles are sustainable. Only pieces taking longer are the metal parts, which we need to fixtures.



And we won’t stop here: Watch out for more products coming. You will be surprised by the possibilities out there!


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