05. September 2017
Fast food you will know - fast fashion as well? Slow down, take 3 minutes and read more about it ...
02. September 2017
RTfact is PETA vegan approved and has no animal origin materials in any of our products. Why? - Read more here
24. August 2017
If you read the articles before, you might have a feeling for how we think and that for us fashion is not something for one season. Fashion can be much more and stay with you for a long time. This is why we are vegan, why we produce only in Europe and that we think about the environment as well.
19. August 2017
French design: Check But where to we produce? - All is made 100% in Europe. Example: Our bag affair beautifult bags are made in Portugal, but even all supply comes from Europe: France, Spain, Italy, Germany ...
12. August 2017
In the section of ‚about us‘ you can find six little cute icons, which perfectly represent our way of working, thinking and creation. Here you can learn more about what these stand for.
04. August 2017
RTfact brands and all our products are from today on, PETA vegan approved. None of the products we design and manufacture contain any animal origin materials, no wool, or leather, or other.
30. July 2017
Rtfact is our own company name, based on the founders names and the word ‚fact‘. But why, what does it really mean and what does it stand for?
10. July 2017
How did we get here? It's not through numbers, rather a vision preceeded by passion.