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Two founders, two origins- Middle East and Germany- but French Design?



YES- Both of us live in France now since several years. We love the country, the food, the fashion and styles and we even get to handle French people now. :-)



France is the country of haute-couture of the Paris fashion show and of luxury. But that is not all- mainly it is he daily spirit of people in this country to always dress appropriate, to mix and match colours according to style, season and accessories and to always look perfect, which made us searching for that special French touch.



We did study the industry, what stays and what leaves from season to season and out of this we created a fashionable but lasting design for our products. For us it is important to be in fashion, but at the same time to have pieces, which you can combine with anything from season to season.



Our Bag Affair bags for example can be carried with any business outfit, for any type of meeting and from any women. Style and the little French touch, like the hand made wooden handles, made from a small manufacturer in North of France for example, combined in one lasting product- for French business woman, as business women in the Middle East, Germany, or anywhere in the world.