What does RTfact Brands stand for?

Rtfact is our own company name, based on the founders names and the word ‚fact‘. But why, what does it really mean and what does it stand for?



It is spoken „Artefact“ and this already explains a lot:


Used in archaeology, it describes an object, made from humans with a special interest in terms of history. This can be anything between a building, which might have been hidden under the sand for years, up to a very small piece, like a shiver of a plate, hundreds of years old. It is something special and unique.



At the same time artefact is something, created by humans, which not only give information about the culture, but also about the human using it. Our brands are made, thoughtful, with special designs, a lot of different ideas, needs and our client’s feedback mixed in one product.


Our first brand launched, Bag Affair is a perfect line of our artefacts!


Handbags for working women- made from working women. The culture of a new generation in modern, equal times starts now. One day, these products will be the artefacts of today!